Product Review: ComFiTec Bridle

Having owned Pip for 12 years now, I have found the Collegiate ComFiTec Bridle to be the best bridle on the market. Being an ex-racehorse, Pip has always been quite strong and heavy in the hand, so I used to ride in a flash bridle with martingale. But since swapping over to the ComFiTec bridle I have found he has become much more relaxed and softer when out on rides. When hacking out alone, I no longer feel like he is chomping at the bit and he seems much more comfortable and happier.

I really like the anatomic headpiece with its double padding across the poll, which works to minimise pressure and offer much more freedom for Pips ears. Another bonus of this bridle is that I think it looks great! The leather is of high quality and always comes up shiny after a clean.

Sally - ComFiTec Bridle