Review: Collegiate ComFiTec Bridle

After trying a couple of other well-known brands of anatomical bridles and not getting on with them, I thought I would try the Collegiate ComFiTec Bridle.

Aesthetically I thought it looks really good and the leather was very supple plus, when it came to fitting the bridle it was so easy to fit.

All I can say is WOW!  My mare loved this bridle from the get-go, she was in a very relaxed frame and didn’t throw her head around once, this meant we could concentrate on what we needed to. Because of this my scores have improved hugely in dressage tests as she is more relaxed and focused.

I love my bridle so much that I bought another one to match my competition saddle and one with a bit of bling, I love the fact this bridle has been designed for the horse and the anatomy of the horse’s head.

My mare is so much happier in this bridle I wish I had got one sooner, I have recommended the bridle to all my friends. 

Becky Milroy and Doris.