Product Review: Collegiate Mono Crown Padded bridle

I purchased the Collegiate Mono Crown Padded Raised Flash Bridle and changed the noseband to the Mono Crown Grackle. I adore this bridle. The leather is so soft and of high quality. The headpiece is nicely shaped to relieve pressure from the ears and is a good thick width too. The grackle noseband is of the same high quality leather and there is a good sized sheepskin pad behind the grackle point as to relieve pressure and wick away sweat. The reins the bridle comes with as well are excellent. My horse goes really well in this bridle, and it fits him brilliantly and I’ve had lots of compliments at the yard on it! It’s also a bonus that you can purchase the bridle in separate bits as my horse is of varying sizes – and I can still get the perfect fit! Very pleased.