Product Review: Collegiate ComFitec Training Bridle – by Fiona Davidson

I’ve been using Collegiate bridles as long as I can remember and always been very happy with them. About 3 years ago I came across the new ComFiTec bridles. I had a couple of horses that were quite sensitive in the contact so I was keen to give them a go.

The bridles are ergonomically designed to alleviate pressure. The headpiece is anatomically shaped so that pressure is evening distributed across the poll whilst the actual headpiece features double padding in the poll area for extra comfort. Reduced pressure in the poll area is so important to allow horses to move their neck muscles freely and has such an impact on the way the horses can carry themselves. The noseband is also cleverly shaped to reduce pressure on the upper jaw and molar teeth helping them settle in the hand. However, you can read all this by looking at the packaging so I want to tell you exactly what I experienced.

I have found they made a massive difference to both sensitive mouths that chomp/tooth tap, but also make a difference to the strong horses too. I don’t know which part of the bridle makes the most different: the lovely padded headstall, or the curved/drop noseband…. What I do know however, is that I feel a significant difference.

I have found that we don’t get the same tension or pain in the poll area that we used to historically, and I believe is because my whole yard are now ridden in padded crowns. The sensitive mouthed horses seem to settle quickly, and not fight or fiddle so much, and the strong ones don’t seem to cross their jaws and fight against the curved noseband. I have found that most of the new horses settle into our way of going pretty quickly, making them mush easier to educate, and much less fussy.

The Collegiate ComFiTec bridles are now our go-to. For me, they are the perfect win-win!