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About Us

Riding is all about connection. The connection between horse and rider that can be a truly unforgettable bond. And when you connect with your horse in that magical way, you just know you can achieve special things together.

Collegiate understands this connection better than anyone. First and foremost we’re riders ourselves. With decades of experience in helping riders and horses work together seamlessly. But beyond that, we design and create products that sit at the very point of connection.

Whether it’s saddles or bridles, Collegiate exists to make both you and your horse as comfortable as can be, enhancing the communication between you in every way possible.

We see horse and rider as a team. A team developing together to be the best it can be. Of course making the team work perfectly as a unit takes effort just like anything worth having always does.

The old saying that you only get out what you put in is never truer than in riding but when you love the sport and you love your horse there’s real reward in every moment you spend together. This is the Collegiate philosophy.

It’s what gets us up in the morning and what occasionally keeps us awake at night. 

We’re dedicated to developing the products you need to make the connection with your horse everything you instinctively know it can be. A connection you can feel.

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