Collegiate Mono Crown Cavesson Bridle Review

When looking for a new bridle for my youngster, Gilbert, I was on the search for a high-quality, long-lasting leather bridle that would stand the test of time. The Collegiate Mono Crown Padded Raised Cavesson Bridle stood out to me in particular, as not only did it look incredibly smart, but the leather also felt extremely soft with a padded noseband, browband and headpiece. The ergonomically designed headpiece is shaped to the horse’s anatomy, helping to reduce any pressure points, and therefore making it more comfortable.

Due to Gilbert being young and fidgety, I wanted to maintain that he was in no discomfort when ridden, to reduce any possibilities of him being irritated so that he could concentrate fully on the job in hand. Since purchasing this bridle last summer, Gilbert has worked incredibly well, and his ridden work is coming on leaps and bounds. He has maintained a soft contact on the bit and has always stood well when being tacked up.

The mono crown headpiece allows for the use of alternative nosebands, so I know that if I wanted to ride him in a flash or grackle noseband going forwards, I could easily change just the nosepiece and not the whole bridle. Moreover, I was pleased that the bridle arrived with a pair of high-quality matching reins, saving me purchasing these separately.