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Connection you can feel.

The connection between horse and rider really matter. And a Collegiate saddle is here to make that connection the best it can be. Every saddle in our extensive range is carefully crafted to provide both of you with the comfort and fit you need. Our leather saddles represent terrific value, having been stitched from the finest luxurious leather. All Collegiate saddles feature an easily adjustable gullet to custom fit the saddle to your horse, as fitness and shape changes. All saddles also come with a 10 year warranty on the saddle tree and a 2 year warranty on the saddle.

Synthetic Saddles.

Collegiate synthetic saddles offer you a great value, low maintenance, durable and lightweight option ideally suited to all weather conditions.

Collegiate Synthetic Saddle

Dressage Saddles.

Close Contact Saddles.

All Purpose Saddles.

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